These are a few of the larger gardens that we have completed in the last few years.

With a large rural garden you often have beautiful outward facing views that you do not want to obscure but you need to allow the gaze to linger on the garden first, blending with the natural landscape beyond. With bigger spaces you need to create compartments within the garden that are connected by pathways, themes and repeat patterns which will bring the overall space together.

Older properties can lean towards a more traditional feel but sometimes it is possible to have a contemporary twist using modern materials. The following gardens are just a small selection from our portfolio.


This garden had been a large stone and tarmac area with an open fronted barn type building taking ‘centre stage’.

It was important to have wheelchair access around the entire garden and to have different areas for seating. the garden leads down to a small stream at the far side but the drive and garage were the main view from the house. Wildlife was to be encouraged with soft drifting prairie type planting and the barn was to be screened.


This sweet walled garden was in a converted coach house and it was very important to keep the traditional feel and show off the old wall to its best advantage.


Part of this old walled garden had originally been a cow yard with pig pens and stables. The garden needed to  connect with the house and give them a large space to entertain.

With odd angles of buildings and large areas of existing concrete it was important to soften all the hard landscaping and balance the bulk of the house with the outside space.

I suggested that the existing porch was rebuilt using reclaimed oak beams and we took the eye away from the lines of the retaining walls by adding a circular ‘turret’ that was to become a barbecue grill.

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding countryside, framing beautiful views and creating a calm, comfortable space to sit and watch the wildlife that will be encouraged into your garden.

Reflecting the natural beauty of the countryside, rural gardens should be treated with great care to ensure the garden will mature gracefully and continue to be ‘in-keeping’ with its surroundings.