Once your garden has been completed you will want to ensure that the plants continue to thrive and mature in the best conditions.

With the help of your Plant Report & Maintenance Schedule you can start to learn about your new garden and how best to care for it. With the plants finally in place and everything left neat and tidy it is now time for you to keep them growing strongly and to their very best potential.

But I would hate for it to be a chore or to make you anxious in any way! I am always on the end of the phone and you can email if you have any questions about any of the plants or if you are unsure as to any instructions in the Report! My advice is always to try and keep on top of the weeding but make sure you know where your plants are if working on beds during the Winter and early Spring. Many an emerging perennial in Spring has been hoed off in the quest for ‘weed-free’ beds…

Pruning is always a worry for ‘new’ gardeners and it is better to leave it alone rather than be too brutal, especially when plants are young!

Many people really enjoy the challenge of a new garden and find general tidying and weeding very therapeutic but would like us to carry out the main pruning regime in Spring and/or Autumn for them. We offer a maintenance service for our clients and can carry out as many sessions per year as required.

I normally advise a Spring ‘wake-up’ and an Autumn ‘put-to-bed’ as good overall cover for pruning generally but of course we can come as often as you want! Please bear in mind that we get booked up quite quickly and I try to book quite far in advance! We bring all our own tools and when necessary can bring relevant mulch and soil additives. If ever the weather defeats us we will try to re-schedule as soon as possible.

Jobs we cover in our general garden maintenance sessions will include:

  • Weeding
  • Pruning (especially important Feb/Mar for roses, clematis and particular shrubs and again late Sept/Oct for particular shrubs)
  • Cutting back of perennials especially in Spring and again in Autumn
  • Mulching of ericaceous plants
  • Dividing/reducing perennials
  • Making good border edges
  • Clipping topiary/box hedges
  • Using compost/fertilizer/manure to boost soil quality


  • We do not mow lawns
  • We cannot take any waste away from the garden and would encourage you to start a compost heap for ‘soft waste’ and use the green bin scheme offered by South Glos Council to take away as much as possible (they will collect the green bin with the recycling every other week). Alternatively we can bag up waste and you can take it to the Thornbury Composting Site or the Recycling Station on Thornbury Industrial Estate (unfortunately as ‘trade’ they won’t let me in!).

Please contact us more information about our services and maintenance rates